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General Enquiries and
Contacting WCDHB Staff

In case of MEDICAL EMERGENCIES, incl. Fire, Police and Ambulance, please dial 111 from any phone or mobile. (This service is free).

To contact WCDHB staff, if you don't know their number, or for any general enquiries try phoning Grey Base Hospital's main reception desk: (03) 769-7400, then dial extension 0 (zero).

We also have a dedicated directory with further key contacts. To use it please select the 'Contacts' tab near the top-right of this page.

Warming Up Your Home

A warm, dry home is a healthy home.

To find out how to warm up your home, including subsidised insulation information, visit the CEA website

To find out how to warm up your home, including subsidised insulation information, visit www.cea.co.nz

Health Sector Scholarships and Studentships 2016

Applications are now open.

2014 WCDHB Scholarships and Studentships

The West Coast District Health Board are very pleased to be able to offer the Sponsorship Awards in the form of Studentships and Scholarships to West Coast students who are studying at a NZ University or Polytechnic in a health related undergraduate career.

To find out more about these opportunities please use the links below:

Scholarship programme page

Studentship programme page




HealthInfo West Coast is an easy-to-use health information website, just for the people of the West Coast.

Visit www.healthinfo.org.nz/WestCoast/, or read this poster or this leaflet.

Zika Virus

What you need to know

Zika Virus

The Community and Public Health site has the latest

West Coast DHB's
Quality Accounts 2015 publication

Focus on Patients 2015 - Quality Accounts 2015 publication

We invite you to read our latest edition of the Quality Accounts 2015 newsletter (published yearly).

Have you considered becoming a blood donor?

Images taken from the poster
  • 3000 donations are needed each and every week.
  • 5 Kiwis need blood or blood products every hour.
  • One donation can save up to 3 lives.

Come and help us save lives... on the West Coast

Click on the link below for further details such as donor venues and dates.

Green Prescriptions (GRx)

Green Prescriptions (GRx)

Need help getting active?

Green Prescription is New Zealand's highly successful exercise referral programme. Doctors and Practice Nurses write a GRx for inactive patients to access support with increasing their physical activity levels for health and wellness benefits.

The programme involves an initial face-to-face consultation with GRx co-ordinator followed by regular visits and continued support. To find out more information contact Michael Davey on (03)768 6182 ext 713 or (027) 288 0057 or ask your GP or practice nurse about being referred to Green Prescription.

How a Green Prescription can help:

  • Being physically active has many benefits. Not only does it make you feel good, it can also help you to:
  • Feel more confident, happy and relaxed
  • Have more energy
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Improve blood sugar levels
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce stress, feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve sleeping habits
  • Keep your bones strong
  • Cope better with asthma and breathing problems
  • Increase flexibility, mobility and reduce the pain of arthritis
  • Reduce the risk of some types of cancer
  • Reduce the risk of falling

This info has been kindly provided by the West Coast Primary Health website

Furthermore, additional info can be obtained by visiting the Ministry of Health website, but if you live on South Island's West Coast in New Zealand please note that some details provided there may not apply to you, so please check with your local Health Professional re Green Prescription qualifying criteria, etc.

Needing to Travel for Health Care or wondered about parking around our hospitals?

Do you have to travel for health care?

You may be eligible for travel assistance via the National Travel Assistance Scheme.

Buller shuttle service

Need transport from Westport to Greymouth or Greymouth to Westport?

Red Cross provides a FREE shuttle service.

For more details about this service please click here.

Wondered about parking facilities at Christchurch Hospital?

Find out more about Park and Ride

We have just added some information that you might find interesting that concerns parking facilities around the West Coast and Christchurch hospitals.

Christchurch is shortly undergoing changes about allocated parking and are introducing a Park and Ride shuttle service. For more information about this simply select the link below.

West Coast DHB Serious Adverse Event Report for 2014-15

Each year DHBs are required to release information relating to serious adverse events which have occurred within their hospitals.

A serious event is one which has led to significant harm and additional treatment; and a sentinel event has led to an unexpected death or major loss of function. The DHB is required to review these events and report them to the Health, Quality & Safety Commission. The Commission then collates this information and it is published on their website.

The West Coast DHB's serious adverse event report for 2014-15 was released on the 4th of December 2015. There were 12 serious adverse events recorded in the 2013 - 14 year, and five recorded in the 2014 - 15 year.

Telehealth - Bringing Specialists to Rural Areas

News Release on One News, Saturday, 23rd March

The use of telemedicine on the West Coast is world leading and the DHB should be very proud of how well it works.

Lorelei Mason, health reporter for TVNZ, met with Liaison Paediatrician Dr John Garrett and filmed a story about the success of the Transalpine Paediatric Service. Lorelei shot footage of John in Christchurch talking to a family in Buller. There was also a TVNZ cameraman at Buller Health filming the family talking with John. The news item was aired on One News, Saturday 23 March 2013.

Work is underway on expanding the use of telemedicine across a range of other services at the West Coast DHB.

Free B4 School Check Clinics

Free B4 SCHOOL CHECK Clinics

Is your 4-year old ready for school? Find out the dates of clinics in your area

Meet and discuss your 4-year olds health:

  • Dental Care
  • Vision & Hearing
  • Growth & Development
  • Behaviour
  • Immunisation

Download the poster and the 'Clinic Dates Schedule'' for more information (link provided just below):

West Coast DHB Employment Opportunities

Our Careers (Employment) Section has moved...

Did you know...

All of our current vacancies are now also available at 2 locations.

1. Our new West Coast Health Careers website:
www.westcoasthealthcareers.co.nz and

2. the Kiwi Health Jobs website.

Health Problem?  Need a doctor or nurse?

In an accident or medical emergency,
where life or limbs may be at risk

phone 111

any time of the day or night and request an ambulance.

If your health problem is not an emergency,
please phone your local medical/health centre
any time of the day or night

If the centre is unattended, your call will be diverted to an experienced registered nurse.

Visitors to the West Coast please phone (03) 769-7449.

More resources for download:

Upcoming Board & Committee Meetings
(August - November 2016)

Committee Date Time Venue When downloadable papers
become available:
Tatau Pounamu
Advisory Group
Thu, 13 October 2016 3.00 pm Board Room,
Corporate Offices, Grey Base Hospital, Greymouth
Now available for download
combined meeting
27 October 2016
09.00 am Board Room,
Corporate Offices, Grey Base Hospital, Greymouth
25 October
09:00 am
HAC Thu,
27 October 2016
11.00 am Board Room,
Corporate Offices, Grey Base Hospital, Greymouth
25 October
11:00 am
Board Fri,
4 November 2016
10:15 am St John,
Waterwalk Rd, Greymouth
2 November
10:15 am
Local DHB Elections Information

This election will be held in conjunction with the local authority elections, on Election Day - 8 October 2016. Click here to find out more...


Get immunised against flu

Get immunised against flu

By immunising against influenza you can protect yourself and lessen the chance of giving it to others.

For more, visit the Fight Flu Website.

Hot Off the Press

10-10-2016  Take care when gardening!

West Coasters are being urged to follow some simple steps in order to avoid getting a serious illness linked to gardening. more

06-10-2016  Grey Hospital patient and visitor parking limits imposed

In an effort to ensure parks are available when patients and visitors need them, the West Coast DHB is now limiting patient and visitor parks to four hours. more

13-09-2016  West Coast Māori Health Plan approved

The West Coast health system is doing well in its planning and implementation for Māori health, the Ministry of Health has said in approving the area's Māori Health Plan. more

25-08-2016  West Coast meets majority of health targets

The West Coast District Health Board is ensuring shorter stays in the emergency department, is delivering more than expected volumes of elective surgery, and eligible people are getting assessed for cardiovascular risk as evidenced in the latest national health targets. more

23-08-2016  Safety concerns close hospital footbridge

A 140-year-old footbridge over railway lines linking Cowper St to the current Grey Base Hospital has been closed following an engineering assessment. more

19-08-2016  Connect with nature for wellbeing.

How do you connect with nature? And how does it make you feel? A Buller group organising an event from 10 – 16 October to support wellbeing for this year's Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) is looking for input from locals. more

29-07-2016  DHB general practice fees change

Fees for routine consultations with your own West Coast District Health Board general practice increase by 50 cents with the new fee schedule being introduced next month. more

20-07-2016  New endoscopy tower improves view

A new endoscopy tower at the Grey Base Hospital means surgeons can see more clearly when they need to carry out gastroscopies and colonoscopies. more

12-07-2016 Health Disability Action Plan launched

Consulting with families, identifying staff champions, and providing large print health information are some of the actions outlined in the Canterbury and West Coasts' Health Disability Action Plan being launched today. more

08-07-2016 Profile provides planning tool

Overall increases in community need, challenges in recruitment and retention of workers, viability of services, and the need for co-ordination are key themes in the Buller Community Profile released this week. more

01-07-2016 New stop smoking service for Coast

The Ministry of Health has offered a contract to Community and Public Health to deliver the new West Coast Stop Smoking Service replacing the existing Aukati KaiPaipa service for Maori. more

14-06-2016 Consumer voices are important

The West Coast DHB Consumer Council is looking for more representatives to provide advice to the West Coast health system. more

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