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Consumer Council

Consumer Voices Are Important

The West Coast DHB Consumer Council is looking for more representatives to provide advice to the West Coast health system.

About the Consumer Council

The Consumer Council was established in 2014 as a way for consumers to have a strong voice in planning, designing and delivering services on the West Coast.

The Consumer Council is invited to participate in, and comment on, many of the West Coast DHB initiatives to enhance a patient's experience.

The council is made up of a range of people, with diverse backgrounds and areas of interest. Their brief includes:

  • Enhancing the collection and use of feedback from a service user's perspective
  • Assisting to improve the organisation's information sharing responsibilities with service users
  • Contributing to the design or re-design of services and/or facilities by the DHB
  • Working in partnership with the DHB to improve the quality of the patient journey
  • Working to remove barriers for consumers whilst enhancing safe service provision

The Consumer Council meets approximately two-monthly in Greymouth, generally for around two hours. Council members are appointed for two years, and need to have a general understanding of West Coast health issues.

Consumer Council Members

The council is made up of a range of people with diverse ethnic backgrounds and areas of interest that include Māori health, Pacific health, mental health, people with long term conditions, people with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities, older people, youth, men, women, rural communities, people with visual and hearing impairment and people with alcohol and other drug addictions.


Contact Us

Consumer Council Secretariat
Julie Bell
(03) 769-7457
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Meeting Agenda and Minutes

13-06-2016 Open -
11-04-2016 Open Open
22-02-2016 Open Open
07-12-2015 Open Open
12-10-2015 Open Open
10-08-2015 Open Open
08-06-2015 Open Open
13-04-2015 Open Open
07-12-2015 Open Open
02-02-2015 Open Open

Note: 2014 Minutes and Meeting Agenda have now been moved to the new Archives section.