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Health and Safety Message - June 2007


This month's Health and Safety Message is about Safety Culture and excellence in health and safety. Safety Culture can be described as values-driven health and safety.

According to Don Eckenfelder some of the attributes of health and safety excellence are as follows:

  • Each employee takes responsibility for health and safety
  • Health and safety is integrated into the management process
  • Health and safety and other training are seamlessly integrated
  • Compliance comes naturally
  • Programmes and technical processes have history and occur naturally
  • There is a bias against gimmicks
  • The focus is more on process than statistics
  • Health and safety is seen as an opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Some of the values that Don Eckenfelder has identified as leading to the acquisition of the above attributes are:

  • Do it for the right reason
  • See it as part of the whole
  • Recognise that there is no end
  • First it is a people business; things are a distant second
  • Use a yardstick that everyone can read
  • Sell benefits . . .and there are many
  • Never settle for second best
  • Be guided by logic, not emotion
  • Empower others rather than seeking after support
Don Eckenfelder

Don Eckenfelder

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