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July 2007's Health and Safety Message

Did You Know ACC Has Developed A Website Called Habit At Work?

hurt stickperson clipartDid You Know the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Have Introduced a New Workplace Programme Called:

    This Programme replaces the following three separate ACC Injury related programmes for the workplace:

    • OOS Prevention Programme
    • Acute Low Back Pain (ALBP) Programme
    • Serious (Specific) Back Injuries (SBI) Prevention Programme

DPI graph

Habit At Work logo

ACC Have also developed an ACC DPI Toolbox which includes a website called HabitAtWork, which is designed to help people to learn to prevent and manage DPI in the workplace.  The current release of the site is focussed on the office environment, future releases will focus on industrial workplace environments.

As a learning tool HabitAtWork is rich with resources to help the user to explore what DPI is and how to set themselves up to work in comfort, including interactive content on workstation set-up

As a troubleshooting tool HabitAtWork offers targeted information specific to any DPI that the user might be experiencing.

To access HabitAtWork, click on HabitAtWork under Health and Safety on the WCDHB Intranet.  Then, to open the website, click on the logo as instructed.  No Internet connection is required to do this.

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