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September 2007 Health and Safety Message

Blood & Body Fluid Exposures

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WCDHB staff injured in the course of duty should complete a Blood and Body Fluid Incident Form.  It is important to notify Infection Control and a message can be left on the answer phone any time of the day or night, the Laboratory also needs to be made aware that a incident has occurred so that they are aware to process the blood sample ASAP.

Types of Incidents that can occur and should be reported are:

  • Needle-sticks
  • Bites
  • Injury from Sharps in rubbish
  • Eye splashes from body fluid e.g. urine
  • Staff should be able to locate the blood and body fluid kit for their area
  • Infection Control should be notified as soon as the incident occurs
  • The Incident/Accident Form should be completed on the day the incident occurs
  • Notification to the Supervisor on the day the incident occurs

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