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February 2008 - Health and Safety Message


  • Wear comfortable low heel shoes
  • Use an upright or slightly reclined chair
  • Mix time spent sitting with standing and walking
  • Make sure your work surface is a comfortable height
  • For sleeping use a firm mattress or try pillows underneath your knees
  • Seek advice and guidance from an appropriately qualified professional regarding specifics of back care
    e.g. A Physiotherapist
  • Having the correct mattress (i.e. firmness) is an individual thing.   People with broader shoulders may need a less than firm mattress so that the spinal contours are well supported especially in a side lying position
  • Things to avoid
    • Extended bed rest
    • Limited movement because it causes pain
    • Working about pain
    • Staying off work
  • Exercise
    • General flexibility and good health are important in preventing injury
    • Doing the job does not give you fitness
    • Need to have regular exercise, part of it with increased heart rate
    • Nutrition, weight, smoking, fatigue are all issues that effect good health

Source: ACC thinksafe, Tips for Health Workers

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