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It's coming - Influenza - Don't let it get you

March 2008

The Difference Between Influenza and a Cold



  • Moderate to severe illness lasting 7-10 days
  • Usually high fever
  • Shivering attacks
  • Muscular pains
  • Headache (may be severe)
  • Dry cough, may become moist
  • Vomit occasionally
  • Can suffer severe complications (Pneumonia)
  • Bedridden


  • Mild illness
  • Sometimes a mild fever
  • No muscular pain
  • Mild headache (congested sinuses)
  • Sometimes a cough
  • A runny nose

Vaccine Available

No Vaccine


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Treating Your Influenza Symptomssee_doctor

    rest drinkphone
  • Rest at home
  • Drink or give lots of fluids
  • Control fever
  • See your doctor within 48 hours of inset of symptoms
  • Always ring your doctor or practice nurse if you are worried.
    Help is only a phone call away

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