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Patient education videos

Introducing This Page

This page provides links to patient education videos who are about to or have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery.

Introducing the videos

Link to the Ministry of Health Knee/hip replacement - Patient education videos

Who produced the videos?

A national patient education video-set for hip and knee replacement patients has been developed by the National Orthopaedic Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) Project Team in conjunction with the Waitemata DHB.

The aim of these videos is to provide all New Zealanders (who need to have a hip or knee replaced) with the information they need to make “before, during and after” their surgery as uneventful as possible.

What is the purpose of the videos?

The videos have been developed to answer questions about the patient journey. They complement the information booklet supplied by the hospital to patients who are on the joint replacement pathway.

How long are the videos and who would benefit from watching them?

The 2 videos split up into many short chapters for easier viewing are approximately 30 minutes in duration, and are worthwhile viewing for both the patient and their family members.

Link to the videos