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September 14, 2010

Primary Health Organisation (PHO) Performance Programme

The West Coast District Health Board is pleased by the PHO Performance Programme results for the period 1 July - 31 December 2009, released by the Ministry of Health on Friday. The results clearly show that good outcomes are being achieved for West Coast residents.

Some performance indicators measured look at services accessed by all PHO-enrolled patients while other indicators look at services specifically accessed by Maori or Pacific Island people or those living in lower socio-economic areas. These patients are referred to as 'high need' patients.

This is particularly apparent in the area of Breast Cancer Screening where 74% of high needs women and 80% of the total population have had publically funded mammography within two years. The West Coast PHO is ranked fifth out of 80 PHOs and when we look at the data at a DHB regional level, the DHB is ranked first for the high needs population and second for the total population.

Cervical Cancer Screening rates are also pleasing, with the National Programme target of 75% almost meet for both high needs women (73%) and the total population (74%).

The West Coast District Health Boards Chief Medical Advisor, Dr Carol Atmore says, "Early detection of Breast Cancer and Cervical pre-Cancer lowers a woman's risk of death so these high screening rates for breast and cervical cancer is saving the lives of West Coast women."

The performance results show good Diabetes detection rates although the rates for the West Coast population with Diabetes having their free annual review need to be improved.

Good progress is being achieved against the target for Cardiovascular Risk Assessments however West Coasters have been found to have the lowest rate of total population flu vaccination coverage in New Zealand.

The PHO indicators of performance are a measure of preventative services where 'healthy' people are presenting for screening or vaccination to prevent future illness or detect illness early.

"Good results in this area come about in two key ways," said Dr Atmore. "Self responsibility and awareness in managing one's own health is very important as it ensures that people are active in looking after their own health. Having a primary health system that is responsive to the community's needs for such preventative services is a second important part of the equation."

Chief Executive Anthony Cooke of the West Coast PHO said, " The results achieved are a testament to the hard work and effectiveness of the medical centres and other primary care teams, despite the regular shortages of key clinical staff that we often experience on the Coast."

The West Coast PHO's achievements show a high performance has been reached on the West Coast in some areas. The goal for the future is to lift the achievement level across all performance areas.

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