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February 15, 2011

Joint Action Group Progress Enhanced Service for Buller

Significant progress was made towards the development of an enhanced model of health service delivery for people in the Buller district at the Joint Action Group meeting in Westport last Wednesday.

The Buller Joint Action Group has been set up to investigate ways in which sustainable health services can be provided as part of the Government's expectation for Better Sooner More Convenient primary health care. The plan is to develop an integrated family health centre so that all of the health needs for people living in the Buller district can be met more effectively in future.

The Joint Action Group has received a very clear message that both the community and the West Coast District Health Board members expect to see real progress towards addressing the future configuration of health services in the Buller sooner rather than later. It has been made clear the current configuration is unsustainable and just keeping services as they are, is not an option for the Buller.

A sustainable model of care is being developed for the Buller services, which must be clinically safe and viable or else it will become increasingly difficult to attract the required health professionals to the district.

Building an Integrated Family Health Centre will only be possible if the services that operate from it are financially sustainable, as the building cost needs to be affordable within the funding that is available.

The Joint Action Group includes representation from the local district council, the board and senior staff of West Coast DHB, West Coast Primary Health Organisation, O'Conor Trust and local clinical and management staff. It has been asked to make a presentation on its plans to the next meeting of the District Health Board in Westport on Friday, March 4, prior to a formal public consultation process taking place. A similar process will be undertaken to look at service enhancements in Reefton in the near future.


Please attribute comment to Wayne Turp, General Manager Planning and Funding, West Coast DHB on behalf of the Buller Joint Action Group.


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