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February 28, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake Update, 28th February 2011

General Practices and Emergency Department

There was additional strain on General Practices and the Greymouth Emergency Department from people who have relocated from Christchurch. However, this is easing now that the initial rush of people with minor quake related injuries is over.

Elective Surgery

The West Coast District Health Boards elective surgery is generally continuing as usual. Some non urgent elective surgery cases will be cancelled in order to do some urgent and non-deferrable elective surgery for Canterbury on Wednesday and Thursday. Patients are thanked for their tolerance of these changes.

Christchurch patients

The West Coast District Health Board have received 8 patients from Canterbury District Health Board so far - mainly West Coast patients returning to recover in Greymouth following care in Christchurch.

Aged care

A small number of Rest home patients have also been relocated to the West Coast.

It is really important that if staff or members of the community have elderly relatives in rest homes in Christchurch, and you want to bring them over here, then in the first instance you should call your relative's rest home provider in Christchurch who will liaise with Canterbury District Health Board.


It is expected that there will be additional strain on social support services on the West Coast following the quake - both from people who have been displaced by the quake and from West Coast residents with family and friends who have been directly affected. Planning has started for this and additional staff will be brought in if it is decided that they are necessary.


Hecta Williams
General Manager
West Coast District Health Board

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