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March 23, 2011

Buller JAG on Integrated Family Health Centre for Westport close to conclusion

The Buller Joint Action Group (JAG), tasked with designing a model for an Integrated Family Health Centre based in Westport, is close to finishing its work on developing a proposal for future service delivery.

At its meeting on the March 16, the group considered the details of a future model of care.

Wayne Turp, General Manager Planning and Funding, West Coast DHB on behalf of the Buller Joint Action Group says the model will ensure an effective, and whenever possible, local response to the health needs of people living in the Buller region now and into the future.

"Along with the kinds of services needed, the group also considered the future cost and location of services," Mr Turp says.

Dr Carol Atmore, a GP who is one of the clinical leaders providing advice to the group says now that JAG is close to a clear plan it must consult with the whole of the Buller community and with those clinical staff who have yet to have input so that we can receive peoples ideas and preferences on the options available.

The JAG, which is comprised of a range of clinical and community leaders strongly endorsed these views, she says.

"We have a really exciting opportunity to provide an innovative and future-proof model of care," Dr Atmore says.

"It is critical that we have a strong understanding and commitment from medical, nursing and allied health staff over the type and range of services that can be safely provided from a clinical perspective."

West Coast District Health Board Chief Executive David Meates invited the members of the Joint Action Group to present its plans to a District Health Board workshop on Thursday 24 March with a proposal that a formal public consultation take place at the earliest opportunity.



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