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September 17, 2012

West Coast DHB to establish a Complex Clinical Care Network

In July this year the West Coast DHB asked staff for their feedback on a report that sought to replace the current Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination service, known as Carelink, with a Complex Clinical Care Network (CCCN) for older person's health. The report concluded that there was further potential to improve services for people living with complex needs on the Coast, the majority of those being older people.

David Meates, chief executive of the West Coast DHB says, "Introduction of the proposed CCCN team gives us an opportunity to implement a range of service improvements.

"One of these is a focus on maximising older people's independence. The West Coast currently has a higher than average rate of rest home entry. We need to encourage older people to remain independent by enabling them to receive services that help them to stay healthy and independent. Working in close collaboration with the Canterbury DHB, the CCCN team will provide greater specialist geriatric support for West Coast primary medical staff.

"It will take around six months to establish the CCCN. During this time there will be no immediate change to the assessment and referral process for people waiting to receive home based support or to access to rest home care.

"The new CCCN will see all services that currently provide care for the elderly in our community, such as home based support, residential and respite care, primary health and GP practices and hospital services, working much better together to meet the needs of patients. In future we will have much improved coordination for those who require community support to live comfortably at home."

"On the West Coast there are approximately 800 people receiving home-based support. Of these about 200 have complex clinical care needs which will be coordinated by the CCCN, with the remaining 600, who have more straight forward requirements, having their care met through the existing home-based support system. The needs of patients will be regularly reviewed to ensure their care requirements are being met as part of the new network's functions David Meates says the new Complex Clinical Care Network will also reduce or eliminate the gaps and delays that are in the current system.

"There is going to be a modest increase in the overall number of staff within the new CCCN and a change to some of the current Carelink roles and responsibilities. The DHB is working with Carelink staff that may be affected by the changes. Staff affected by any change in the current roles and responsibilities will be offered the chance of redeployment within the wider health system," says David Meates.

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