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January 29, 2013

Peer reviewed CAMHS Engineering Report released

A detailed engineering evaluation [DEE] report received yesterday [Monday January 28] has determined that the West Coast DHB's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service [CAMHS] building is not earthquake prone as defined by the Building Act 2004. It is however, at earthquake risk.

West Coast District Health Board, Programme Director Michael Frampton said, "The DEE report determined that the building is rated greater than 34% of new building standards [NBS], meaning that while the building is at earthquake risk, it is not earthquake prone as other buildings across the Greymouth campus are.

"While the CAMHS building is rated greater than 34% NBS and is therefore not considered earthquake prone, the building still contains structural weaknesses and the DEE report recommends that we consider options for strengthening this building in the medium term to at least 67% NBS if we intend to continue using it on a long term basis."

    The report, prepared by Opus International Consultants suggests:

  • enlarging foundation pads;
  • deepening foundation beams; and
  • providing additional connection between concrete slabs on the first floor.

Decisions about any future strengthening of this building will be made following the work of a Ministerially-appointed Partnership Group, which meets for the first time tomorrow to begin work on final facility options for Greymouth and Westport. A detailed Business Case is expected to be completed for Greymouth by 30 April 2013.

The CAMHS building is on the corner of Morice and Cowper Streets in Greymouth.

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