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July 19, 2013

Section 124 Notices erected on Grey Base Hospital earthquake prone buildings

Section 124 Notices have today been placed at the entrance to earthquake prone buildings across Grey Base Hospital in compliance with the Building Act 2004.

West Coast DHB Programme Director Michael Frampton says, “The Grey District Council has informed us that we must place notices at the entrance to our earthquake prone buildings, advising people who enter them that the buildings are earthquake prone. This is called a Section 124 Notice and is issued to buildings, classed as earthquake-prone, because they fail to meet 34% of the current New Building Standards [NBS] as provided for in the Building Act 2004.

“Over the past 12 months, the DHB has had Detailed Engineering Assessments [DEEs] carried out by OPUS Engineering Consultants. These assessments have indicated that several buildings on the Grey Base Hospital site are earthquake prone.

“On receipt of the DEEs, the DHB vacated several buildings and undertook short-term strengthening and reconfiguration of others.

“We’ve been working through short-term building compliance solutions with the Grey District Council that allow health services to continue to be delivered from our earthquake-prone buildings while a decision on the upgrade of Grey Base Hospital and an Integrated Family Health Centre at Buller is made. The Government’s decision on our facility development will determine our long-term approach to any building demolition or upgrade.

“We understand that the Grey District Council has issued 26 Section 124 Notices to building owners in Greymouth.”

Today, Section 124 Notices have been placed at the entrances to the following buildings on the Grey Base Hospital site:

  • Boilerhouse
  • Laboratory
  • Acute Community & Mental health
  • Emergency Department
  • Wards 1 and 2 [Hannan and McBrearty Ward]
  • Medical Administration Block [North building]

“If any member of the community has any concerns or questions regarding the earthquake prone buildings, they can send questions to:

buildings email.

“Underpinning all our decision-making is a commitment to the safety of our patients and staff. In this case, while the status of the buildings has not changed since the last DEE was completed, we must comply with the Building Act 2004.

“If we have any concerns about buildings being unsafe to occupy, we will not hesitate to vacate them - as we have done in the recent past,” Michael Frampton said.


For further information contact:

Erin Jamieson
Communications Team
m: 021 743 237
t: 03 769 7400
Corporate - West Coast District Health Board | Grey Base Hospital, PO Box 387, Greymouth 7840

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