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October 11, 2013

Full steam ahead for new West Coast health facilities - design team appointed

Greymouth’s new $60 million hospital and adjoining Integrated Family Health Centre is a step closer to reality with the appointment of a design team who will work with WCDHB staff to further develop initial concept designs.

Chair of the West Coast Hospital Redevelopment Partnership Group, Cathy Cooney, today announced that CCM Architects and SKM Health Planners have been appointed to work on West Coast health facilities development projects in Greymouth and Westport.

“I am thrilled to be able to announce the appointment of these two top design firms,” Mrs Cooney said. “We are working to a very tight time-frame and to have secured the services of two experienced health design teams to work with us on this project is fantastic news.

“We have allowed seven weeks for the design team to come back to us with more developed designs for the new Greymouth Hospital and IFHC. This next step in the design process will provide staff the first of many opportunities to be involved.

“Once these designs are endorsed by the Partnership Group, a recommendation will go to the Capital Investment Committee and Minister of Health to gain approval to proceed to the next stage.

“As this $60 million development represents a significant government investment we need to ensure the designs are flexible and future-proofed,” Cathy Cooney said.

“I acknowledge there are various levels of approval required and it’s the job of the Partnership Group to ensure things happen on time. We are continuously planning ahead to minimise the chance of any delays to our fast-track process.

“Our sights are firmly set on delivering a modern purpose-designed, efficient hospital and IFHC to support the new ways of providing health services on the West Coast. Construction is due to start on the Greymouth site within a year and is intended to be completed at the end of 2016.

“With regard to the Buller Integrated Family Health Centre in Westport, the design team are scheduled to commence working on this facility at the same time as they are developing the designs for the Greymouth Hospital as it is important that there is coordination between these services,” Cathy Cooney said.



Who is the West Coast Hospital Redevelopment Partnership Group?

The group was appointed by the Minister of Health in December 2012 to work with WCDHB to fast- track the business case required to obtain funding for the facility redevelopments at both Greymouth and Westport.

The four members of the Partnership Group involved in getting the Business case finalised for approval were:

Cathy Cooney, Chair - ex-Chief Executive of Lakes District Health Board. Mrs Cooney oversaw the significant Rotorua and Taupo Hospital redevelopments.

*Gloria Johnson - Chief Medical Officer at Counties District Health Board.

Tim Malloy - Chair of the General Practice Leaders Forum and a General Practitioner from Wellsford.

Dr Paul McCormack - Chair of West Coast District Health Board.

In addition to the members listed above, the Group included ex officio members representing the Ministry of Health, Treasury, and West Coast District Health Board.

*Gloria Johnson has resigned and a new appointment will be made to support the next phase of the project.

Timeline to date:

19 December 2012 - Hospital Redevelopment Partnership Group appointed.

25 September 2013 - Minister of Health, Hon Tony Ryall announces funding of $60 million for a new hospital in Greymouth with a co-located Integrated Family Health Centre to be built on the current Grey Hospital site and $8 million for an Integrated Family Health Centre for Westport to be built on the current Buller Health site.

11 October 2013 - CCM Architects and SKM Health Planners appointed to lead the next phase of design development, due for completion at the end of November.

30 November 2013 - Developed designs to the Partnership group for approval.

A recommendation will go to the Capital Investment Committee and Minister of Health to gain approval to proceed to the next stage.

2014 - construction of Greymouth Hospital and IFHC to start.

December 2016 - construction of Greymouth Hospital and IFHC due for completion.

For further information please contact:

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Strategic Communications Manager

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