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February 25, 2014

West Coast District Health Board continues to improve on national health targets

The West Coast District Health Board continues to achieve encouraging results in the national health targets, despite facing several challenges during the second quarter of 2013/2014.

The seven targets measured across all DHBs are Shorter stays in Emergency Departments; Improved access to Elective Surgery; Shorter waits for Cancer Treatment; Increased Immunisation; Better help for Hospitalised Smokers to Quit and Better Help for Smokers to Quit Primary Care, and More Heart and Diabetes Checks.

David Meates, West Coast DHB chief executive says there have been some steady gains in some key areas but there is also work to be done in a number of other areas to ensure the DHB remains on track for the year end (on 30 June 2014).

“It’s extremely encouraging to see continuous progress being made in two key primary care targets (Better help for smokers to quit and more heart and diabetes checks). However, we still have some way to go to make the target,” Mr Meates says. 

“Every bit counts when it comes to achieving the targets, so even the smallest gains on previous quarters demonstrate the ongoing commitment from General Practice to achieve these targets and that is just fantastic.”

The West Coast again achieved impressive results for the Shorter Stays in Emergency with 99.8 percent of patients admitted, discharged or transferred from ED within six hours.

It also met the Shorter Waits for Cancer Treatment target but slipped back on its quarter one results in the Better Help for Hospitalised Smokers to Quit, falling to 86.2 percent after achieving 95 percent in quarter one.

“It’s a very small number that affected our performance; we were only 31 patients away from achieving the target.

“The systems and processes are in place for the target to be achieved by June 2014 with ongoing clinical engagement and education to increase awareness around efforts for meeting this target.”

The West Coast DHB also fell shy of the 812 target for the Improved Access to Elective Surgery by just 17 patients.

“While this is unfortunate, the Christmas break and staff absences during this time are most likely responsible for this decline and we expect to make it up by the end of quarter four.”

The Health Target table can be accessed just below:

    In Quarter 2, West Coast has:

  • Achieved the Shorter stays in Emergency Department target with 99.8 percent of people admitted or discharged within six hours.
  • Achieved the Shorter waits for Cancer Treatment target with 100 percent of patients ready for radiotherapy or chemotherapy beginning treatment within 4 weeks.
  • Increased performance against the More Heart and Diabetes Checks target to 66.6 percent of the eligible population having had their cardiovascular risk assessed.
  • Increased performance against the Better Help for Smokers to Quit, Primary Care target to 66.4 percent.
  • Failed to achieve the Better help for Smokers to Quit target with 86.2 percent of hospitalised smokers having received help and advice to quit.
  • Failed to achieve the Increased Immunisation target with only 84 percent of eight-month-olds fully immunised (the new national target is 90 percent).
  • Failed to achieve the year-to-date Improved access to Elective Surgery target at 97.9 percent.

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For more information please contact:

Louise McLean
PA to Director of Nursing & Midwifery and Acting GM Hospital Services
t: (03) 769 7887
Corporate Office | West Coast District Health Board | Grey Base Hospital, PO Box 387, Greymouth 7840

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