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June 24, 2015

Released on this website, 26 June 2015

South Westland challenged to get active

South Westland locals are putting their hands up for a 100 day challenge to get more active, starting on Wednesday 1 July.

When she started in South Westland earlier this year, GP Jenny James noticed many patients asking for help to lose weight and change lifestyle choices.  Few resources or organisations were available locally in South Westland, so Jenny has devised a 100 day competition to encourage people to get active, created the South Westland Challenge website, and enlisted the help of local nurses in support.

She is encouraging people to enter in teams or individually (or if they don't know anyone but want a team they'll be found some like-minded people). Teams are aiming to walk the distance of the Te Araroa Trail (3000km), without necessarily leaving South Westland, and individuals encouraged to get as far along it as possible! Everyone who signs up before July 1 receives a pedometer, and the number of steps taken will be tallied at a weekly meeting in each clinic, together with any bonus points won by teams and listed on the online Leader Board. There are also ways people not so nimble on their feet can join in, with points scored for healthy lifestyle choices, so young and old can join in the fun!

People can register with their local South Westland clinic, or online. Registrants will have their baseline activity level, height, weight, blood pressure and other general health information recorded before they start, and at the completion of the 100 day challenge.

Registrants will also be given nutritional support and information.  The Appetite for Life nutrition team will visit Franz Josef frequently over the 100 days of the challenge.  Local businesses have offered to support the initiative with prizes.

Jenny says several teams have already signed up and it looks like there will be some fierce rivalry between neighbouring towns. 

"Down here it's especially important that people keep physically active and engaged with life.  If they lose their mobility or ability to drive, it can be devastating."

For more information, visit www.southwestlandchallenge.com.


Lee Harris,
Senior Communications Advisor
West Coast District Health Board
t: +64 27 836 1528

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