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July 31, 2015

Patients to receive text reminders

The West Coast District Health Board will send out reminder texts to patients with specialist appointments from next week.

Where the DHB has not received confirmation from a patient that they will attend an appointment with a specialist, up to three days prior to the appointment, patients will receive a text reminder that they need to confirm. They will then be able to text "yes" back to confirm, or ring the hospital to arrange an alternative time.

After confirmation they will attend, patients will also be sent a text to remind them to come to the appointment. These reminders will be set up where the DHB has a contact mobile number.

Nurse Manager Clinical Services Julie Lucas says the text reminders are being implemented to help people remember their appointments.

"We all get busy and it's easy to forget appointments. Text reminders work well for dentist and hairdresser appointments, so we thought we would try and offer this service for our patients. We want to make sure people have as many chances as possible to be well. This means taking the opportunity as soon as it's presented to be seen by a specialist," Julie says.

People can contact the DHB if they do not want to receive the reminders. It is helpful to ensure the DHB has the latest contact details. Where people have changed phone numbers, or want to update other contact details, they can phone the Grey Base Hospital, 03 769 7400, Monday to Friday during business hours.


Lee Harris,
Senior Communications Advisor
West Coast District Health Board
t: +64 27 836 1528

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