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This page provides links to other West Coast District publications not already linked to from other pages in the Publications section.

Time needed to download individual documents: Please be aware that some of these documents can be very large, so downloading them may take a while if downloaded with a dial-up connection.

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Chief Executive's business expenses

Chief Executive's business expense, gifts and hospitality disclosure

The West Coast District Health Board publishes these spreadsheets every six months. The spreadsheets show the business expenses the CE has incurred as well as any gifts or hospitality over the value of $100.


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  • Memorandum of Understanding between te Runanga o Ngati Waewae, te Runanga o Makaawhio and the West Coast District Health Board

    Updated: 4 August 2011

    This Memorandum of Understanding recognises the special relationship and obligations upon the West Coast District Health Board in exercising its Treaty partnership with Poutini Ngai Tahu, as represented by Te Runanga 0 Makaawhio and Te Runanga 0 Ngati Waewae.

    PDF document, 732 KB

  • Health Needs Questionnaire 2010

    Released: 21 September 2010

    We invite you to complete the following questionnaire

    The West Coast DHB is conducting a review of health needs within our community. We are analysing data about the West Coast people and the services we use to plan for the future. We are interested in your point of view.

    The questionnaire is anonymous and the information will be summarised and published on this website. Results will be provided to our Board to help them make decisions about the key health priorities for our population and it will become part of West Coast District Health Board's Needs Assessment.

    To download the questionnaire simply select the above link.

    PDF document, 224 KB

  • The Journey of Treatment and Care for People With Cancer on the West Coast

    Released: 17 October 2006

    This report provides a snapshot of a complex interplay of diagnosis,treatment, support, and palliative care in providing a service for people with cancer.
    It presents an overview of the journey of people with cancer living on the West Coast from a variety of perspectives.

    PDF document, 567 KB

  • Review of General Surgery, for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

    Released: 27th August 2003

    The WCDHB resolved on 7/10/2002 to request the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons to review the Board's General Surgery Service. The aim of the review was to look at the service broadly and not to conduct a formal review of the competence of any individual. It was agreed that if issues of competence arose, the reviewers would recommend ways in which such issues could be resolved.

    PDF document, 961 KB

  • Mental Health Rehabilitation Support Services Review - Final Report

    Released: January 2003

    The purpose of the Review was to determine the optimum design for the effective and viable delivery of a specific range of mental health services on the West Coast for adults, children and youth and Maori.

    PDF document, 761 KB

  • West Coast Primary Health Organisation Concept Development Project Scope

    Released: October 2001

    The purpose of this scope was to detail the framework for the development of the concept definition, design and an implementation plan to establish a West Coast Primary Health Organisation (PHO).

    PDF document, 1,196 KB

  • Health Profile - West Coast District Health Board - 2005

    Released: 2005

    This document is a technical report, updating the 2001 West Coast Health Needs Assessment. It describes the health and independence status of the West Coast DHB population at a given time. In addition, this report provides, where possible, information on changes in the health status of the West Coast population and illustrates the progress that the West Coast DHB is making in different areas.
    Particular emphasis is placed on the national priority areas identified by the New Zealand Health Strategy (NZHS), the Positive Ageing Strategy and the New Zealand Disability Strategy (NZDS). This report will provide the West Coast DHB with the local data needed to determine the priority, which these areas should be given.
    This technical report also provides the West Coast DHB with evidence for other areas that are of potential local importance.

    PDF document, 2.02 MB

  • West Coast Health Needs Assessment

    Released: October 2001

    An old revised document, substituted in 2005 by the "Health Profile - West Coast District Health Board - 2005" document listed just above this entry.

    PDF document, 792 KB