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You have arrived here because you tried to access a page that doesn't seem to exist, or is currently unavailable.

Maybe the page didn't load properly

Try hitting the Refresh or Reload key on your browser, and if unsuccessful try hitting the back button on your browser until you arrive at the previously visited page, then click the link to the page you wanted again. If still unsuccessful please read on.

Why does the page I wanted not load?

Maybe this is to do with the recent re-development of our website

The West Coast DHB have recently re-developed this site and if you have arrived here because you clicked on a link found in a search engine's result listing, it is quite likely that the address of the page has changed, or maybe the page has even been removed.

(Note: The website is definitely still up, otherwise you wouldn't have received this friendly error page message)

What can I do to get to the page I wanted?

Try the following methods to find the information you were actually looking for

  1. If you typed the website address manually into the address box...

    Carefully check the webaddress you entered in the address bar. It might just be a typo in there.

    If you can copy the webaddress by using copy and paste commands try to use this option. Copying a website address, especially long ones by hand is very unreliable as symbols such as underscores are often perceived as spaces, etc.

  2. If you clicked on a search engine link (i.e. Yahoo Search or Google Search) ...

    The file linked to may have been moved or deleted since your search engine last crawled/registered it.

    Only recently a lot of the outdated files on our site have been completely removed, but links to them may still exist in the search engine listings. This is to do with the infrequent updating of the search engine results which is out of our control. Although search engines allow you to view those old files via a special link typically labelled 'Cached' we recommend you don't use it.

Try to find the page or document by starting from a link somewhere on our website...DHB

Try any of the following West Coast links:

  • Homepage (use as gateway to all the other information on our site)
  • Site Search (Search our Site for web pages and documents)
  • Sitemap (After selecting this link try using the Page-Search feature of your browser (i.e. press on your keyboard Control+F, then enter in the searchbox that opens a keyword, then press 'Enter' on your keyboard to quickly find relevant sections on the Site Search page.)