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Reefton Health Services


This page is primarily aimed at explaining to patients what they need to know when needing treatment at Reefton Health.

Reefton Health Services is a facility located in the town of Reefton.

Inland and cradled among forested hills of the Paparoa and Victoria ranges, Reefton is experiencing a revival and growth across a spectrum of activity while maintaining its pioneer character.

Reefton Integrated Health Centre

Reefton Health is a small facility with 3 medical / GP beds and a rest home named Ziman House with 12 beds including palliative. The facility can treat minor trauma and stabilisation prior to transfer to more advanced care most commonly at the Grey Base Hospital. Continuing care and regular outpatient clinics are held by visiting specialists and allied health care professionals.

The Medical Centre is currently contained within the facility.

We serve a population of around 1600 registered patients plus casual visitors. We provide all general practice services including acute care Monday to Friday. After hours calls are triaged through the HML service and on-call staff can be called in for urgent or acute presentations. Weekend after hours clinics are held from 3pm to 4pm.

We work on 15 minute appointments in morning and afternoon sessions.


GP Fees (effective 1 July 2018)

The full list of fees can be viewed by selecting the link just below.

Strengthening the Community Services Available at Reefton

West Coast DHB has integrated the primary, community, hospital and long-stay services delivered in Reefton into a single entity. The aim of the Reefton Health Services Integration Project is to enable more flexible use of staff and beds, and to strengthen health services for the community.