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Central Booking Unit &
Waiting List Information

Introducing This Page

This page introduces you to our Central Booking Unit and furthermore provides useful information of the waiting times likely in various specialties.

Elective Services Central Booking Unit

After visiting your local Doctor, you may be referred to the Hospital to see a specialist in the Outpatient Clinic.  At this consultation the specialist will discuss with you the following options:

  • The specialist may want to see you again as an outpatient, or
  • The specialist may send you for Radiology, Laboratory Tests, Physio, or
  • The specialist may refer you onto another specialist, or
  • You may be referred back to your local Doctor, or
  • There is no further need to be seen again, or
  • An operation is required.

The Booking Unit helps the medical staff in organising your visits to the specialists and any operations that you may need.

A Booking Clerk will send you a letter when there is an appropriate time for you to receive treatment.

It is very important that when you receive the letter you telephone the hospital on the number provided to confirm your appointment or operation.

If it is for an operation you may also be told of a special diet that you need to follow before coming to the hospital.

Should you have any questions regarding your appointment please telephone the Central Booking Unit, 03 769-7400.

A Guide to Waiting Times

The Waiting List Table (please select the link below to open the document) has been prepared to give patients an indication of the waiting times likely in various specialties.

Please note

  • There are two versions of waiting times, for clinics and for procedures.
    • Waiting list times for a specialist clinic are calculated from when the specialists prioritise patient referrals, after receiving them from a GP.
    • Waiting times for a procedure such as surgery are calculated from the time of the outpatient consultation when the decision is made to have the procedure.
  • Times may vary from those indicated due to staff availability.
  • Procedures may not necessarily be performed at Grey Base Hospital
  • Abbreviations: IP - Inpatients, OP - Outpatients

Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding an upcoming appointment please contact the Central Booking Unit's Reception on, ph (03) 769-7400, Extension 2901.

To confirm an appointment please call the Central Booking Unit's Confirmation line: (03) 769-7555