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Day Surgery

Introducing This Page

The Day Surgery page informs you about the services Grey Base Hospital's Brian Waterson Day Surgery Unit offers its patients.

About Day-Surgery

What is Day Surgery?

DAY SURGERY refers to the service where patients will have their operation and be discharged home on the same day.


Grey Base Hospital Brian Waterson Day Surgery Unit hours are 8.00am to 4.30pm.

Unable to Attend?

If there is any change in the patients' physical condition such as a cold, fever or infection, or they are unable to attend for some personal reason, they should ring the following number between 8.00am and 4.30pm:
Phone: (03) 768 0499, Extn. 2823

Before Arriving

Preparing for the Visit

  1. Patients are to refer to their letter regarding the taking of medications and eating prior to surgery.
  2. Patients should bring all their medications with them. If they are taking diabetic medications (including insulin) or drugs that thin their blood (including warfarin) they will need special instructions, otherwise they should take their tablets as usual. If unsure as to what to do, patients should ask their anaesthetist to write the instructions down for them.
  3. Patients should have a shower/bath prior to admission.
  4. Patients are to wear loose fitting clothes that will be easy to put on afterwards and cotton underwear.
  5. Patients are not to apply any talcum powder, deodorant, cosmetics, nail polish, after shave etc.

What to Take

  1. All medicines and tablets you are taking regularly
  2. Spectacles, Hearing Aid
  3. Book to read (optional)

What not to Take

As the hospital cannot be responsible for patients' valuables, they are strongly advised to leave them at home.

What about Eating?

Patients are advised to follow instructions for the day of operation carefully, including when to stop eating and drinking before the operation. An empty stomach makes it less likely that any vomit could get into your lungs while you are under an anaesthetic.

Special Requirements

Medical Certificate

If patients are required a medical certificate they should notify staff on their arrival.

Medical Insurance

Patients wanting to claim medical insurance should bring their claim form.


Patients are advised to arrange an escort to accompany them home and also a responsible adult to stay with them for at least 24 hours after surgery. A child under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Where to go

Adult patients report to the Main Reception area at the main entrance to the Hospital. Once there they will be directed to the Brian Waterson Unit.

During The stay

    Before Surgery

    • A patient may be seen by a doctor. This is so that the doctor can make sure that the patient is still fit for surgery.
    • Each patient will be asked to change into a gown and will be shown to the lounge prior to the operation or examination.

    During Surgery

    • Medication may be given before or during an operation for post operative pain relief; this may be in the form of a suppository.

    After Surgery

  1. When patients have recovered and their condition are satisfactory, they will be allowed to go home with their escort. There will be a minimum stay of two hours after the operation depending the patients' condition.
  2. Patients are requested to make their own arrangements to be collected from the Day Surgery unit.
  3. Escorts will be contacted in good time - prior to discharge.

Longer Stays - Complications

In the unlikely event of a complication patients may have to stay in hospital for an overnight stay.

After the Stay

What to take when Leaving


  1. A copy of a letter for use in an emergency
  2. An outpatient appointment, if necessary
  3. Discharge information
  4. Any other specific instructions - if required

24 Hours Post Op

After an anaesthetic or operation for at least 24 hours, patients MUST NOT (!)

  • Drive themselves
  • Use any machinery
  • Engage in activities requiring skill of judgment for safety
  • Drink alcohol
  • Sign legal documents
  • Go home alone on public transport or unaccompanied in a taxi

Problems after Discharge?

Should patients have an increase in pain or in feeling sick after discharge:

During first 24 hours

  • They should ring their General Practitioner (GP) or Grey Hospital's Duty House Surgeon and ask them for advice.

After 24 hours

  • If problems arise after 24 hours patients should consult their own GP.

Follow Up Check

Patients will be rung by the Brian Waterson Unit nurse the next day to check how they are.