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This page is primarily aimed at explaining to patients what they need to know when needing treatment at the hospital.

It provides information related to

  • How to prepare before a visit
  • What to bring or not to bring
  • When visiting hours are
  • What necessary or additional facilities and resources are available
  • Where additional facilities and resources can be found
  • Nutrition information including meal times
  • What additional services are available to patients and
  • What rights patients have

Contact Details of Grey Base Hospital

Admission to Grey Base Hospital

Outlined here is some general information you will find helpful about your stay at the Grey Base Hospital. More detailed information will be available in your ward.

Remember: Don't hesitate to ask for assistance or further information - we are here to help and make your time with us as comfortable as possible.

We wish you a happy stay and a speedy recovery.

Before You Arrive

Admission Form

Request an admission form and fill it in and return it by the date at the top of the form.

Pre-Admission Clinic

If you are entering hospital for an operation you may be asked to attend a pre-admission clinic. This visit assesses your current level of health and arranges for some routine tests to be carried out.

On Arrival

See Admission Clerk at Reception

Please report to the reception area at the front entrance to the hospital at the time specified. Our Admission Clerk will help you to complete the necessary paperwork and direct you to your ward.


If you are arriving on a Sunday and have attended the pre-admission clinic, you may report by 3.30pm (unless otherwise requested).

Times don't Suit?

Should these times not suit your needs please ring and discuss this with the Admission Clerk.


Discharge Summary for GP

When you are discharged from hospital you will be given a discharge note which is to be given to your GP on your next visit. A summary of your medical care will also be sent to your GP.

Follow-up Treatment

The date and time of any outpatient appointment will be sent to you by post when you get home. You may be asked to return to the ward for wound treatment. Arrangements will be made for any of the community services you require, eg meals on wheels, district nurse, etc.


You will be given a prescription for any medication you will need. This is to be made up at your local chemist (unless the prescription is for hospital only drugs - check with your nurse in charge).

Concerns after Discharge?

If, in the first few days following discharge you have concerns about your progress, in the first instance contact your GP unless you have been given specific instructions to contact the hospital.

What To Bring?


General Items

  • Day clothes - 2 sets of light clothing and cotton underwear.
  • Nightdress or pyjamas and dressing gown.
  • Slippers or suitable shoes
  • Hankies/Tissues.
  • Phone card/coin.
  • Toilet items such as: toothbrush, toothpaste, face cloth, comb, soap in a container, sanitary pads.
  • Children - bring a favourite toy, sheepskin or cuddly etc. (labelled).
  • No more than $10.00 should be kept on the ward.

Medications And Drugs

Please bring with you all medications and ointments you are using, and any private x-rays and scans.

Don't Bring

Cash And Valuables

Please, DO NOT bring valuables (including valuable items of clothing) into hospital with you - unless absolutely necessary. The hospital does not accept responsibility for cash, jewellery, watches or other valuables unless they are handed over to your nurse for safe keeping and a receipt is issued for them.

What about cigarettes or contraceptives?

If you smoke and/or take a contraceptive pill, it may be necessary to stop these prior to your operation. Please discuss this and any other medications you are taking with your own or the hospital doctor before your admission to hospital.

Medicines and Drugs

What will happen to my medicines and drugs?

The nurse assigned to you on the ward will request any medicines or drugs you have with you.

On discharge, the medical team will ensure you have the instructions and prescriptions necessary for your future needs.

Patient Code of Rights


All health professionals have a responsibility to provide information that enables you to make informed choices. Please ask if you are unclear about anything that is happening to you.

For procedures (eg. operations, the administration of anaesthetics and certain diagnostic procedures) you will be asked to provide specific consent in writing.

Information on Patient Code of Rights and Informed Consent are available in all wards.

Patient Enquiries

In accordance with our Patient Code of Rights all information pertaining to your stay in Hospital is strictly confidential.

Information given over the phone regarding your condition will be general, for example, "satisfactory". You may request that no information be given out at all - please let the ward staff know.

Staff Identification

You have the right to know the identity and professional status of all persons providing health services. All staff who meet you will introduce themselves and be wearing identification.

Health Care Records

You are entitled to and are encouraged to ask nursing and medical staff about all aspects of your care eg diagnosis, treatment, medications and other procedures.

If you wish to view any part of your medical record do not hesitate to ask. A member of the medical or nursing staff will be available to explain anything to you.

This information remains confidential to you and the health professionals who are specifically involved in your treatment.

Telephones & Contacting Admitted Patients

Patient Phones

Patient phones are situated in each ward. If you wish to talk a patient, ward staff need to first confirm that it is okay if the patient is able to take your call at that time. If so, staff can take a portable phone to the patient so they can talk with you. In order to contact a patient, please in all cases first contact Grey Base Hospital's Main Administration Desk. The staff there would be more than happy to transfer the call for you. They will usually ask you for the name of the patient and who it is who is calling. If you, the caller, also happened to know the ward that the patient is currently admitted to, that would be very helpful as well.

The Grey Base Hospital Main Administration Desk Phone number is:
(03) 769-7400, Extension 0.
If calling from overseas please dial:
0064 3 769-7400, Extension 0.

No Cell phones allowed

Cell phones are not permitted in the wards as they may interfere with our electronic monitoring equipment (eg cardiac monitors).

A card / coin phone is available for visitors on the ground floor.


Location and Services

The chapel is situated on the ground floor near Parfitt Ward and is available for use by patients and relatives at all times. If you wish to attend a service ask your nurse about times.

Your Ministers or Priests?

Ministers and Priests are available to all patients and their families. The ward staff will contact them for you at any time of the day or night.


Allowed Visitors and Visiting Hours

General Wards
2.00pm - 7.30pm

Intensive/Coronary Care Units
Restricted to immediate family only and only on discussion with nursing staff

Maternity/Pediatric Wards
Families at any time.
Others in normal visiting hours.

Whānau House
Find out about our Whānau house for visiting families


Avoid the Risk of Infecting other Patients

Please Note: Your family and friends are especially asked not to visit if they have a cold or other infectious or contagious illnesses as this may have a serious effect of spreading infection to patients in the ward.

Mail And Newspapers


Patients mail is delivered to the wards daily. Stamps may be purchased at the cafeteria. There is a post box in the foyer at the main entrance - ground floor.


Newspapers are available from the honesty box in the foyer.

Television And Radios

Use of TVs and Radios

Televisions are provided in most lounge areas adjoining the wards. Televisions and radios in ward rooms should be used with consideration for other patients or with ear phones.

Appliances Check

For safety reasons all privately owned 240 volt electrical appliances must be checked by an electrician before use and a certificate produced. This includes TV's, radios and hairdryers. Local electrical shops in Greymouth will provide this service.

Meals And Nutrition Services

Choosing Meals

You will be consulted each day about your choice of food for the following day.
Our dietitian can advise you on all aspects of your nutritional care - nursing staff can arrange a visit for you.

Meal Times

Meal times are approximately:
Breakfast: 7.30am - 8.00am
Lunch: 11.30am - 12.00noon
Dinner: 4.30pm - 5.00pm

Please check with your nurse before eating food brought to you by visitors. In some wards and areas, facilities are available for you to make your own drinks.

Cafeteria / Shop

Where is the Cafeteria?

The cafeteria is located on the ground floor.

The hospital cafeteria is open to the Public at the following times:

Weekdays: 6.30am - 4.00pm
Weekends: 8.30am - 3.00pm
Light Breakfast: 7.30am - 8.30am
Lunch: (selection): 11.30am - 1.15pm
Dinner: By arrangement with staff, before 4.00pm

Smoking And Alcohol

West Coast DHB has a "smoke-free" policy.
Visitors may not smoke in the hospital.

Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances must not be brought into the hospital.

Other Hospital Services

You may also require the services of the following health professionals during your stay in hospital

  • Social Worker
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Language Therapist
  • Dietitian
  • Audiology

Your nurse will assist you with any queries regarding the services these and other health professionals offer.

Patient Feedback

Comments, Feedback, Praise and Complaints

To improve the quality of its services, West Coast DHB welcomes any comments from patients and members of the public. This includes suggestions and complaints as appropriate.

Complaints Procedure

Comments can be made, orally or in writing to the staff member concerned, or the nurse in charge of your ward.

We would suggest that you make contact with the staff member concerned in the first instance - it is quite possible that the problem can be resolved immediately.

Unresolved Issues

If the issue is not resolved we would encourage you to write to:
The Chief Executive
West Coast DHB
P O Box 387

You will receive acknowledgement in writing within 5 working days for written complaints and all complaints will be investigated and resolved to your satisfaction, if possible, within 10 working days.

We value your input into the services we provide and will ensure that you receive appropriate follow-up.


If you have concerns about this, or other information

Please contact either of the following:

  • Your doctor
  • Barclay Ward, Grey Hospital - Phone: (03) 768 0499, Extn. 2854
  • The Discharge Planner, Grey Hospital - Phone: (03) 768 0499, Extn. 2617