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Introducing This Page

This page is intended to provide you with information regarding

  • What our laboratories can do for you and
  • Where you can find our laboratories
  • What each laboratory can do for you
  • When laboratories are open
  • When you can expect to hear of test results
  • Where you go to find out about test results
  • What you can do to come well prepared
  • And other useful additional information

Provided Services

What Services does the Laboratory provide?

The Laboratory provides a comprehensive testing service for patients requiring investigative diagnostic Pathology tests which includes the collection of required specimens and processing with reporting back to the patients recognized Health Professional who requested the tests.

In conjunction with Canterbury Health Laboratories Grey Hospital Lab either performs or has access to a range of almost nine hundred different tests. These cover the disciplines of Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Virology and Blood Transfusion who provide any necessary blood or blood products for patients.

Accessing Lab Services?

How do I access Laboratory Services?

Tests can only be performed at the request of a recognized Registered Health professional (i.e. GP), Midwife or registered Medical Officer. They will provide any patient requiring tests with a necessary request form identifying the tests to be undertaken and the specimen required.

Lab Fees

Is there a cost involved with any tests?

Testing is free of charge for New Zealand residents when requested for Diagnostic purpose by a recognised Health Professional except for Paternity tests, Life Insurance Medicals, Immigration testing, and Occupational Health testing (the employer will pay in some cases.)

If the patient is a non-New Zealand resident unless they are from a country with whom we have a reciprocal health agreement e.g. U.K. and Australia there is a full charge.

Lab Locations

Where are the Laboratory or bleeding rooms located?

The Laboratory at Grey Hospital is located on the ground floor and can be located by following the directional signage from the main entrance.

Other bleeding rooms can be located at each of the Nurse operated West Coast District Health Board Medical Centres at Hokitika, Haast, Harihari, Whataroa, Franz Joseph Glacier, Fox Glacier, Moana, Reefton Hospital, Karamea and Ngakawau Medical Centres.

Bleeding rooms can also be located at Buller Medical Services within Buller Hospital Westport.

Specimen Drop-Off Points

Where can I drop off other Specimen?

All specimens can be dropped off at any of the above nominated West Coast Health Board Blood collection facilities or Practices who in turn have established Courier links with the Laboratory at Grey Hospital.

It is important that any self collected specimens such as Urines or faeces are appropriately labelled with the patients name, date and time of collection and accompanied by a request form.

Open Hours

What Hours is the Laboratory open?

The Laboratory at Grey Hospital is open for blood collection without any appointments between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday. However other specimens (Urines, Faeces or Swabs) can be left in the Specimen refrigerator located adjacent to the reception area anytime 24/7.

Buller Medical Services bleeding rooms are open from 8:30am to 1pm Monday to Friday.

Most rural medical Centres, although staffed during normal working hours Monday to Friday, do require morning collection or drop off of specimens in order to meet Courier schedules.

Test-Results availability

How long will my tests take to be reported?

Most routine blood tests are reported on the day of receipt with electronic availability of results back to the requester, however most Microbiology tests which require incubation take one to two days for result availability.

Sent away test results take usually about four to five days for result availability, with more expensive or less commonly performed tests taking in some cases weeks due to batching and complexity.

Test results are reported back to the requesting Health professional electronically by computer where possible and in addition by hard copy report.

Obtaining Results

How do I obtain my Test Results?

The Laboratory's obligation is to report back to the test requestor from whom all results should be obtained.

Results are not generally available by the Laboratory to patients directly but patients are encouraged to obtain these results via their Heath Professional who requested them. The reason for this is that they have a full knowledge of any clinical components when applying an interpretation of those results.

Patients should arrange with the requestor at the time of their consultation how they should obtain results of their tests.

Special Requirements

Are there any special requirements when having a blood test?

Some blood tests require being collected when the patient is fasting usually Glucose or Lipids (Cholesterol). This information is usually relayed at the time of the consultation with the Doctor or Midwife and also indicated on the request form.

Fasting requires not having any Food, Tea or Coffee from Midnight until the blood is collected (usually about 8 - 9hrs).

Patients may have a drink of water if required during this fasting period.

Patients requiring a Glucose Tolerance Test are required to stay at the Laboratory for two hours.

Are Appointments Necessary?

Are appointments required for any tests or procedures?

All Blood tests are collected without appointment at Grey Hospital with the exception of Paternity tests. However any allergy tests which are done as a prick test to the skin require an appointment to ensure the availability of the testing kit at the time. This can be made in advance by phoning the Laboratory direct for an appointment on 03 7682797.