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Whānau House

Introducing This Page

Here you can learn more about the Whānau House, who it is for and how it can help patients and their whānau.

Whakaruru (To Shelter)

Accommodation for whānau / family supporting loved ones in hospital.

Haere mai Nau mai Haere mai - Welcome

Whānau Family House
Grey Base Hospital

Te Poari Hauora a Rohe o Tai Poutini

The Whānau / Family House based at Grey Base Hospital was built to provide accommodation for family who are supporting patients.

Whānau Family House

Priority will be based around supporting those who are terminally ill or in the critical care unit. Other users of the facility will include patients requiring accommodation before, during or after treatment.

The West Coast District Health Board approved construction of the Whānau / Family Facility and is enthusiastic and supportive of this initiative as research indicates having whānau / family around patients when they are in hospital aids their recovery.

As the West Coast is a large geographical area, many families have to travel significant distances and a whānau facility will be a great assistance to many of them.


The West Coast District Health Board would like to thank the various groups and organisations who have given generously toward this project.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank WCDHB staff for their time, energy and commitment.

Welcome To The Whānau / Family House

Whānau / Family House

This house is open style accommodation with one bedroom with two single beds, two couch beds and four mattresses. It is available to people to enable them to support a whānau / family member as a patient in Grey Hospital. Whānau / family can stay for up to seven nights in the Whānau/Family House.

Eligibility to stay in the Whānau / Family House is on a first come, first served basis, and at the discretion of the Grey Hospital management. Guests of the whānau / family under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Whānau / Family House is seen as a community within the hospital. We ask that whānau / family uphold the mana of the Whānau/Family House and care for it with us. The Whānau/Family House and outside areas are auahi kore/smokefree, as well as drug and alcohol free and we ask that you respect this. We also request that you remove shoes before entering the house.

The Whānau / Family House is situated at the far north end of the hospital between Parfitt Ward and the Corporate Office. Limited parking is available in the vicinity of the building. The Whānau / Family House is fully equipped, with its own kitchen, laundry, two bathrooms, dining area and a shared living area with television. It is also accessible by wheelchair.

Whānau / Family House Living Area

All bedding, sheets, towels and tea towels are supplied and washed. Whānau / family require only to buy their food, wash their clothes and keep the Whānau/Family House clean and tidy.

The Whānau / Family Facility is within walking distance of the New World Supermarket.

The Social Work Department will support the whānau / family during their stay in the Whānau / Family House when requested. Assistance will also be given to whānau / family with applications for travel and accommodation costs. Families should request the name of the social worker for the ward their family member is a patient in.


The Whānau / Family House does require payment of an accommodation fee to assist in covering cleaning costs, linen etc. These charges are:

  • $10.00 per night each adult (15 years and older).
  • Children 14 years and younger stay free.
  • $10.00 deposit for the key - this will be refunded on the return of the key.
  • Where Ministry of Health travel and accommodation assistance is available, the rate will be amended to reflect the funding available.

Payment needs to be made at the time of the stay - invoices are not sent.

If you will have difficulty paying this please contact the Social Work Department. We will endeavour to assist where possible.


To book accommodation simply print out the following accommodation request form, fill it in and send it to us.

How to Pay

Full payment in cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card should be made to the Corporate Office (the building beside the Whānau/Family House) during normal business hours before you leave the facility.

After-hours payment should be made to the Admitting Office at the main reception in the hospital and can only be accepted there by cash or cheque.

The key must be returned to the Admitting Office at Grey Hospital before you leave. This enables other people to be able to use the facility without inconvenience.

Checking In

Please report to the main reception desk at the hospital on arrival.

To allow us time to clean the house between families, you are
unable to check into the house until 3.00pm.

You will be asked to complete an agreement for the use of the facility. This includes paying a key deposit of $10.00. This is refundable on return of the key.

Checking Out

  • Check out time is by 11.00am - this allows us time to clean and restock the facility before the next occupants.
  • Please leave the Whānau / Family House clean and tidy
  • Strip all linen off the beds and place in the linen bag in the bathroom.
  • Return any mattresses to the cupboard.
  • Cleaning materials are in the laundry cabinet. Remember to wipe out the microwave and oven if you have used these.
  • Empty household rubbish bins into the large outside rubbish bin (by the kitchen door). Ensure the household bins are clean and dry.
  • If any items need repairing or are missing, let the Admitting Office know when you return the key. Also please note any damage.

If you leave without returning the key, please post it to:

Admitting Office
Grey Hospital
PO Box 387
Greymouth 7840

We will then send you a refund of the $10.00 key deposit.

Facilities Available

Whānau / Family House Bedroom
  • All basic linen is provided, including bedding and towels.
  • Whānau/families can cook their own meals in the fully equipped kitchen, or arrange meals via the hospital cafeteria.
  • There are two bathroom facilities - one is suitable for disabled persons which has a wet area shower.
  • In addition to the two single beds, two couches in the lounge fold out into beds. Please take care opening these. There are four mattresses available in the storage cupboard, along with a Port-a-Cot.
  • The telephone has a toll bar. This phone is an extension number of the Grey Hospital system. The main hospital number is (03) 768 0499, then Extn. 2867. The operator is available for assistance 24 hours and can be contacted by dialling 0. Coin and card phones are available in the hospital. To dial an external local number you need to preface the number by dialling 1 for an outside line.
  • There is a washing machine available, along with drying racks.
  • Smoke detectors and a sprinkler system are installed. The facility, like all West Coast District Health Board sites is auahi/smokefree.
  • Heating can be personally adjusted for comfort levels via the radiator controls or thermostats in lounge and bedroom areas.

Some Basic Rules While Staying At The Whānau / Family House

  • Please remove shoes prior to entering the house, but ensure you place all footwear inside at night.
  • Use mattress and pillow protectors on any mattresses or couch beds you use.
  • No smoking, drugs or alcohol allowed in the house or outside areas.
  • Children must not be left unsupervised in or outside the house.
  • Please avoid eating in the lounge area, and use placemats to protect the table surface.
  • Report breakages and any repairs or maintenance to the Admitting Office.
  • Noise should be kept to a minimum.
  • The house is to be kept clean and tidy at all times. Daily household tasks are the immediate ongoing responsibility of the occupants.
  • Space is limited in the Whānau/Family House. Due to the physical structure, fire, health and safety regulations, a maximum of 10 people may reside in the house at any one time. If more than this are present, whānau / family may be asked to voluntarily reduce their numbers. Failure to comply with this may result in the occupants being asked to leave the house.
  • If your behaviour is believed to be unacceptable, or you do not abide by the rules of the Whānau/Family House you may be asked to leave.
  • Please ensure you make yourself and your whānau / family familiar with the Emergency Evacuation Plan displayed in the house.

Where To Find Things

Whānau / Family House Dining Area

Additional Linen

In the white cupboard in the laundry or in the storage cupboard between bathroom and bedroom.

Mattresses / Additional Pillows

In the storage cupboard between bathroom and bedroom.

Ironing Board

In the hot water cupboard between the two bathrooms.

Laundry Racks

Between the washing machine and tub.

Security & Safety

  • Please ensure that you lock the Whānau/Family House when you are either absent or vacate it. The hospital cannot be responsible for any personal items that may go missing.
  • You will be able to enter the hospital via the covered walkway from around 7.00am until approximately 7.00pm each night. Any entry after that will have to be made via the hospital main entrance.
  • Make sure you are aware of how many people are staying with your group and that you have an up-to-date list of their names. You should take this with you in the event of an emergency.
  • The hospital has security checks undertaken at night - these will include someone checking around the outside of the Whānau/Family House.

Emergency Services Information

Personal/Family Medical Emergency While in the Whānau/Family Facility

Dial 777 on the phone. This is a call immediately answered by the telephone operator who will endeavour to assist with appropriate help immediately.


Take shelter as you would at your own home in doorways, under tables etc. Please ensure you can account for all family members staying in the house.


  • If the fire is in the Whānau/Family House you should break the glass and activate the alarm located in either the kitchen or laundry areas.
  • Dial 777 on the phone and tell the operator where the fire/smoke is.
  • Leave the building immediately, shutting all doors/windows if possible.
  • Assemble in the car park outside the Corporate Office building.
  • Ensure all family members in the house are accounted for.
  • Either the Fire Service or West Coast DHB on-call tradesperson will attend and advise regarding re-entry.
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until you are given the all clear.

Handy Telephone Numbers

To make local calls dial 1 for an outside line first

Grey Hospital Main Number - (03) 769-7400

Whānau/Family Facility - Extn. 2867

Grey Hospital Telephone Operator - Dial 0

Morice Ward - Dial 2822

Critical Care Unit - Dial 2739

Hannan Ward - Dial 2824

Parfitt Ward - Dial 2782

Barclay Ward - Dial 2821

McBrearty Ward - Dial 2803

Manaakitanga Inpatient Unit - Dial 2673

Maori Health Unit (Te Hauora Maori) - Dial 2631 or 2802