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McBrearty Ward, Greymouth

McBrearty Ward is situated in Grey Base Hospital and currently has two birthing rooms, one birthing pool and five antenatal / postnatal bedrooms.

Photo of McBrearty Ward - coming
McBrearty Images Collage McBrearty Birthingroom McBrearty Bath

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Neonatal Cot

McBrearty Ward has a single neonatal cot.

If a baby requires Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) services, they are stablilised and transferred to a tertiary centre by an air retrieval team. On most occasions, this would be Christchurch Women’s Hospital.

Neonatal Room
Neonatal room

High Dependency Unit

Grey Base Hospital has a four bed facility available for women with high needs either awaiting transfer to tertiary services for more complex care, or to provide additional supportive care prior to returning to the ward.

Kawatiri Maternity Unit, Westport

Kawatiri Maternity Unit, situated at Buller Hospital provides antenatal, post natal and primary birthing care to Buller Women. LMC midwives provide continuity of care following women through to Grey Base Hospital for births, as required. Obstetric outpatient clinics are provided fortnightly by specialist obstetricians.

Partners Staying Overnight

In some circumstances partners may be permitted to stay in the unit overnight. However, this is dependent upon resources available in the unit at the time and is at the discretion of the manager of the unit.

Kawatiri Entrance, room and lounge Kawatiri Front Entrance Kawatiri Room Kawatiri Lounge
Kawatiri Front Entrance, Room and Lounge
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South Westland

South Westland maternity services are provided by independent LMCs based in Hokitika.

Find your midwife here: (Find your midwife site).