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Clinical Nurse Specialists

Introducing This Page

Meet our Clinical Nurse Specialists. Learn about their roles and responsibilities. Find out who is the best person to contact for your individual needs.

Clinical Nurse Specialists are Drivers

  • They help improve the continuity of the patient journey
  • They are instrumental in the strategic development to meet DHB annual plans

Use them as they...

  • Provide role complementarity
  • Improve effectiveness
  • Improve knowledge and skills of staff
  • Adhere to best practice guidelines "Trust us we know what we are doing!"
  • Make the best use of resources
  • Provide an integrated continuum of care

CNSs contribute to improving health and reducing morbidity through:

  • Provision of specialist clinical nursing:
    • assessment / intervention / evaluation / education / coordination Team work
  • Support and education of patients and colleagues
  • Service co-ordination and development
  • Promotion of best practice

Quality Outcomes

  • Hospital admissions rates
  • Community awareness
  • National benchmarking
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Resource utilisation
  • Implement of best practice guidelines
  • Growth in level of types of service
  • Meeting targeted contractual obligations FSA's / ESP's

History of Clinical Nurse Specialists at the West Coast DHB

History of Clinical Nurse Specialists - Timeline, Part 1

History of Clinical Nurse Specialists - Timeline, Part 2

Introducing our Clinical Nurse Specialists

Infection Control Officer

  • To reduce infections and cross contaminations
  • Close surveillance of multi drug resistant organisms, surgical site infections
  • Education of staff, patients and non-DHB providers

Sexual Health Nurse Specialists

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (Under Standing Orders)
  • Education and contact tracing services
  • Provide emergency contraception

Clinical Nurse Manager Cervical Screening / Sexual Health

  • Coordinates National Cervical Screening programme and Sexual Health Services
  • Provides smear taking service according to national priorities and where choice of female smear taker is not available

Diabetes Nurse Specialist

  • Co-ordinate the diabetic management and education of acute patients
  • Educate people and significant others in primary health
  • Supportive role to G.P and practice nurses in diabetic management

Respiratory Nurse Specialists

  • Est. 1996 to reduce the number of hosp admissions
  • Improvement of health outcomes/quality of life
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Educate staff in respiratory trends
  • Participate and initiate respiratory health promotion

AT&R Nurse Specialist

  • Facilitates discharges from AT&R
  • Community Assessments
  • Community Follow-up

Oncology Nurse Specialist

  • Coordination of oncology care services across secondary and primary services
  • Coordination of nurse-led chemotherapy clinic
  • Educator in my speciality works closely with MDT involvement with cancer patients from start to end of illness trajectory

Clinical Nurse Educators

  • Education provision/organisation for staff and patients
  • One on one or groups
  • Role models
  • Quality audits to identify learning needs
  • Needs identified by CCN's
  • PDRP Assessor

Cardiac Nurse Specialists

  • Co-ordinate the management¬†of cardiac patients (acute coronary syndrome, post cardiac surgery and heart failure)
  • Education of acute and post discharge cardiac patients
  • Supportive role to GP, primary care nurses, client and their¬†family/whanau in condition management and cardiac risk reduction

Occupational Health and Safety Nurse

  • Pre-Employment Health & Safety checks
  • Hepatitis B and Influenza vaccinations
  • Wellness/Health screening
  • Screening, such as hearing/vision for at risk areas within the DHB