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Introducing This Page

This Page provides information related to how to contact the website developer of this site, explains some of the implemented and not yet quite implemented tools and even summarises what is yet to happen with this website. We at the West Coast DHB hope that you find this website a useful information source, and if not, please feel free to let us know.


Welcome to www.westcoastdhb.org.nz

As you have probably noticed, this website's structure and information has been completely revised.

Our vision behind the creating of this website is primarily to educate you, our website visitors by presenting you what the West Coast DHB has to offer. One of our main goals was to make access to important and essential information as straightforward as possible.

This goal hasn't been reached yet!

The www.westcoastdhb.org.nz website, just having been released, has obviously not yet been optimised by any means, and that is why we to a great part rely on Your feedback.

What you see here right now is only a start, and now needs further developments and improvements.

Please let us know if you have any ideas what else we can do to help make this a well constructed and informative website.

We first and foremost wanted to get the information out as soon as possible

Further handy tools will soon be available on this site, such as Printer Friendly pages, more images, maps, and anything else that can improve this site. Yes, we even intend to publish news items more frequently than has been the case in the past.

Rest assured that this site will come alive, so come and visit it frequently.

Contact West Coast DHB ISG Help

Once our help desk has received your email it will be forwarded to the website developer

ISG Support Co-ordinator
ISG Helpdesk
Grey Base Hospital
Phone: (03) 769-7400, Extn. 2911
Email: This is not a link as we want to prevent spam.  Please transfer the email address on the image carefully into your email client before sending the email.  You might find, with some older email addresses on this site that they are no longer current, for staff-change reasons.  If your email bounces back please contact the WCDHB Communications Team - see Contacts section of this site.

Viewing PDF documents

No more opening in a new window

Please note that none of our website links open a new window, so instead of closing any open windows, simply use the back button on your browser to get you back to the previous page.

Help! I cannot view or download your PDF documents

In order to download PDF documents you need to have PDF Reader Software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit PDF Reader installed on your machine or server.